Sunday, January 12, 2014


The road to getting this qualification as a Chartered Accountant is not an easy one, but following some secrets that will be sharing here is going to make the process less tedious and the qualification quicker to obtain. Before reading these paragraphs, you must have at the back of your mind that the purpose of the exam is not just to land you your dream job but also to make you a thoroughly breed professional.
Starting:The professional examinations are in stages which comprises of four courses. See the REAL secrets below:

Secret 1: Attend Lectures
The first secret after making up your mind to write the exam is ATTENDING LECTURES. You need people who are familiar with the ICAN strategies to guide you. You might have graduated as the best student in your class or even with a first class degree, please attend lectures.
  The Tutors most times have both theoretical and practical experience as professionals.
  Some of them are examiners with several years of experience and they know how and where to teach in ICAN oriented syllabus with use of past questions.


  You also have the opportunity of tapping from combined knowledge and also NETWORKING.
  You'll meet the future ICAN president in your class!
I know somebody may not attend lectures and still passed. The truth is; He/She will not be as good as the ones that attended lectures (professionalism).

Secret 2: Reading Plan
Planning your personal reading timetable is the second secret. You should already know that attendance of lectures is not enough. The exams are held twice every year; May and November, so you have a minimum of four months to prepare for the next exam after the results are released. Consider the following ideas:
  You need to strategically plan your reading.
  Read study for minimum of 2hrs daily or 10hrs weekly
  Alternate the subjects while doing this
  The 'difficult' ones should be read early
  Break the months into weeks, weeks into days and days into hours.
Make sure your four months is totally booked. Each day has its allotted hours. the GAP between the current status of candidates and the desired, comprises the following experienced world class tested professional resource persons.


Secret 3: Materials
The ICAN study materials are guidelines and channels to the success of your exams. Forget about what you've heard about the packs, you need it. From experience, some examples from the packs have been lifted as exam questions. Moreso, each subject has a list of recommended textbooks. These textbooks are not for 'decoration'! They are to be bought (borrow/steal-to be returned later) and read.
  Get a copy of ICAN syllabus to guide you
  Have fully access to ICAN study packs
  Another valuable material is the ICAN PATHFINDERS for past questions.
  Another is your lecture note (summarized and easy to understand).
  Past questions and solutions from various diets.


Our Standard of handling students at REAL is unique, we take them through the packs with sample questions , having interactive teaching where students are allowed to respond and give their own opinion during lectures. Come and experience the best lecturing strategy at REAL Tutors.